CDR Technologies


The use of various scientific and technological approaches and equipment to produce and manage forested areas where they did not previously exist.


Carbon mitigation technology that combines the use of biomass for energy production with the capture and storage of (CO2) emissions generated during the process.


Exploring biochar’s capacity to sequester CO2 from the atmosphere and store it in a stable form for extended periods, effectively reducing atmospheric CO2 concentrations.

Biochar with CCS

Integration of biochar production with the capture and storage of CO2 emissions.

Enhanced weathering of waste rocks

Acceleration of the natural process of rock weathering, which includes absorption of CO2 due to the chemical reactions that occur to rocks when exposed to the atmosphere and subjected to weathering, to sequester CO2 from the atmosphere.

Artificial Soil

Tailor-made artificial soils can sequester carbon from CO2 in both organic and inorganic form, and stock large amounts over time.

Biological Carbon Fixation

Living organisms (plants and certain microorganisms) absorb and convert CO2 into organic matter through photosynthesis and other biochemical pathways.